To qualify and enroll your child with our program, the following documents must be completed and approved by the office administration in order to secure and begin enrollment in our State Preschool programs:

  • ▼ Child must be 3 years old on or before September 2nd of the enrolling year.
    ▼ Childs Birth Certificate
    ▼ Childs Social Security Card
    ▼ Childs Immunization Records
    ▼ Childs Physical Exam Report (within 12 months)
    ▼ Parent(s) Photo ID
    ▼ Parent(s) Proof of Address Parent(s)
    ▼ Income Verification
    ▼ Proof of Family Size 

Other documents may be needed accordingly with the circumstance of your qualification for enrollment.

If you have any questions or concerns on the required documents, please feel free to contact us.

At Only Love Children’s Centers, we provide different programs to help families in need.

Part-Time State Preschool Program:

  • ▼ Three (3) hour program Monday thru Friday

  • ▼ Optional time frames and shifts to accommodate family’s needs are available.

  • ▼ Quality of environment and interactions as well as a diverse and developmentally appropriate curriculum aiming at the optimum preparation for a successful learning experience.

  • ▼ Family household income must not exceed the Family Fee Schedule available to you at

  • ▼ All required forms and applications must be turned in to be approved for enrollment.


Full-Time State Preschool Program:

  •  ▼  Program operates from 6:30am to 6:00pm Monday thru Friday.
  •  ▼  Family household income must not exceed the Family Fee Schedule available to you at
  •  ▼  Hours of approval are based on employment, school, or an activity verification form signed by an authorized representative.
  •  ▼  Children’s rest time is scheduled from 12:00pm to 2:30pm
  •  ▼  Meals and snacks are provided throughout the day

High quality and developmentally appropriate curriculum activities are presented throughout the day to facilitate your child’s learning experience while enjoying their kindergarten preparation.

Job Search Program:
▼ Parent(s) seeking employment may qualify for care hours.
▼ 60 business days of approval, not including Holidays and weekends.
▼ Schedule is from Monday thru Friday 9:00am to 3:00pm
▼ Parent(s) are required to present documentation and update our office staff on their job status regularly.
▼After 60 days, your family will no longer qualify for this specific program, however you may be interested in exploring other possibilities and schedules of program with the administrators at our schools. There is no extension to the 60 days of Job Search.

Food Program:
Our facilities are committed to the health and wellbeing of our students; therefore we make every effort to provide them with a safe, healthy, delicious and natural diet. Our meals are homemade, prepared in our main kitchen, utilizing the highest natural and fresh ingredients. Breakfast, 3 Snacks, and Lunch are all prepared by our kitchen staffs who strives to make enjoyable meals for your children. Because we want your child to enjoy their meals, we provide a variety of recipes, textures and flavor throughout the year and alternate them seasonal to keep your child interested and enjoying their meals experiences.. We prepare and serve their meals family style, as you do at home.
It is critical for parents/family to communicate verbally and in writing if there are any food allergies that affect your child. If so, we will try to substitute the meal and ensure your child with a complete satisfying meal.