Family and teachers events

Thanks Giving 2015



Introducing your child to Preschool; tell your child what he/she may expect in a school setting for example:

► Friendly teachers who will help the child have fun

► Other children for playmates

► Toys and equipment to be used and enjoyed

► Reassure him/her of you coming back to take them home each day.

► Be casual. High expectations can lead to disappointment and stress.

Parent Meetings:

► Parent meetings are held at least (4) times a year

► Discuss upcoming activities

► Participate in family social activities

► Assist in the development of next year’s program

► Plan and approve appropriate community activities

Parent/Teacher Conferences:

Conferences are schedule in the fall and spring of each school year. It is important for parent(s) to attend the schedule conferences. At this time, teachers and Directors will present valuable information regarding your child’s preschool experiences. Any questions or concerns you may have about your child’s experience or learning development may be discussed at this conference. Parents may request a conference or a screening any time during the year if they consider it necessary.

Parent/Families Resources:

In our lobby, you have access to community resources and educational materials. Parent Boards will be displayed in the lobby and in classrooms explaining all information required by Department of Social services, Licensing Division, in addition to the monthly parent newsletter, community events, classroom schedules, lesson plans, and monthly calendar, and a small bio of our staff members. 

Family Events:

At OLCC, we want to make our families feel welcomed and appreciated, we hold several events throughout the year to strengthen and get to know our clients and volunteers. Signup sheets will be placed in either the front office or in your child’s classroom if you would like to participate or be a volunteer.

Some of the most asked questions about Only Love's policies and requirements.

Arrival and Departure

Can I leave my child in the lobby?

It is required by law that an adult deliver your child inside the building. It is also required that you sign the sign-in/sign-out roster sheet daily. You will need to take your child to his class and leave him/her with a teacher


Our facilities are open Monday through Friday 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Who can pick up my child from Only Love Children's Centers? 
Part of our enrollment package is an identification and emergency information sheet that lists the persons who are authorized to pick up your child. If for any reason you need someone else to pick up your child you must provide the director with written notification. Only Love will only release children to an adult, 18 years or older with a valid picture ID.

Security and Safety:

All of our centers are under video and audio surveillance at all times, day and night. Parents are authorized to view the videos at an arranged appointment with the Executive Director.