The goal of our State Preschool program is to provide an environment of success, where children develop skills which will provide them with tools to learn and be part of a successful and happy learning experience. Children will have the opportunity to interact with materials, their peers, and adults, learning to solve problems and find answers to their inquisitive, growing minds. Through a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment, our highly professional and experienced staff will plan activities and interactions which will emphasize socio-emotional, cognitive and physical development.

blue1   Children’s role is to explore and discover.

yellow1   Our staff’s role is to facilitate learning and growth.

red1   Parent’s role is to participate in a partnership with their children staff to ensure their child’s success.

Curriculum is designed to provide both individual and group activities. Our program offers learning opportunities such as art, music and movement, science Spanish, math, early reading and writing, cooking, fine and gross motor development, social skills, strong self-image, emergent literacy and dramatic play, just to name a few. . These activities will also be supported with hands on activities and community enriching activities. Ongoing communication between staff and parents is an essential part of the curriculum reinforcing the child’s feeling of security and harmony. Only Love Children’s Centers Philosophy is based on three (3) premises:

orange1   Children need to have a nurturing and loving environment to fulfill their optimal growth.

blue1   Children will be taught in a developmentally appropriate environment, with a variety of experiences accordingly to their social, emotional and intellectual levels.

red1   Children will be accepted and applaud for their strength and individuality, each and all with the same rights and opportunities in an accepting and respectful manner.