Only Love Children’s Centers State Preschool has nutrition policies and procedures that are supported by maintaining a nurturing environment, homemade meals of high nutritional quality, and equal access for all individuals, respect for the individual needs of children and their family’s preferences or beliefs.  

breakfast-kiwi-400x400Menus are prepared with healthy nutritious foods using none or low sugar, sodium or fat; reflecting a balance of textures, colors and variety; including multi-cultured dishes Fresh fruits and vegetables are staples in our everyday menus. 

 PerfectStrawberryParents will be informed of the meals and snacks in their child’s specific shift. All meals must be consumed on site. 


 orangeMenus are posted for all parents to view. Menus will be adapted to meet the needs of children with allergies. 


Our schools require a physician’s statement to advise on meal substitutions O.L.C.C participates in the Federal Food Program (CACFP) which educates and reinforces high quality nutrition to each child’s meal, supervised by United States of Agriculture.